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Sahara Beige Marble Bathroom Cotton Balls Holder | Canister

Sahara Beige Marble Bathroom Cotton Balls Holder | Canister

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This stunning Mediterranean Collection Bathroom Canister is the perfect accent piece for any bathroom.



A luxurious bathroom canister made of Sahara Beige Marble, this item is part of the Mediterranean Collection of bathroom accessories. Show off your style with this sleek and stylish way to store your favorite bath items. The Sahara Beige Marble Bathroom Cotton Balls Holder Canister is the perfect way to add luxury and style to your bathroom space.

Add other bathroom accessories of this design to your collection

With this beautiful canister, you can bring the Mediterranean Collection into your bathroom, adding a touch of elegance. Where here you can get all the items you need together or separately, like the tumbler, toothbrush holder, soap dish, tissue box holder and hand towel holder! Shop and save with the complete set or select what you need at your convenience.

Make the Mediterranean Collection a part of your home and experience the joy of having everything you need - all in one place! With the complete set, or mix and match to make a personalized bathroom suite, you are sure to get the perfect look and feel - and it's all at an unbeatable price!

Size: 6x4.5 in.
Weight: 4 lb.
SKU: 409SB
Onyx and Marble are natural stones and are bound to have variations in color & texture. hence you purchased item might look different than the ones shown in these pictures.

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