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Fossil Stone Serving Plates | Set of 4

Fossil Stone Serving Plates | Set of 4

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 Elevate your dining experience with our exquisite Fossil Stone Serving Plates.

Polished to perfection, these Fossil Stone plates will add a unique flair to your table. Drawn from a bed of dry river that was once an Arabia Sea bed, each piece features visible fossils of marine life. Get them while you can - this Fossil Stone is only available in limited quantities!

The set of 4 pieces of these plates come sizes of 6, 8,10 & 12 inches.

Weight of the set: 4 lb.
SKU: PL681012FS
UPC: 0638029858250
 Onyx and Marble are natural stones and are bound to have variations in color & texture. Hence your purchased item might look different than the ones shown in these pictures.
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