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Decorative Vase - 12-inch Crystal Everglade Design

Decorative Vase - 12-inch Crystal Everglade Design

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Crystal Decorative Vase - A touch of sophistication and beauty to any home décor.

Discover the undeniable luxury of the Everglade 12-inch Crystal Decorative Vase. Every detail is carefully handcrafted, from the thick and mouth-blown crystal to the intricate everglades pattern.

European Craftsmanship at its best.

Polish craftsmanship is embodied in the vase's beauty, creating an inviting and sophisticated addition to any home décor. Experience true opulence with this remarkable vase!

Elegegant, Decorative & Functional

Bring refined beauty and elegance to your living space with this exquisite crystal decorative vase. Its timeless craftsmanship and iconic everglade pattern will radiate timeless luxury in your home for years to come. Enjoy the opulence of this remarkable piece and be the envy of every guest!

Size: 7x4x12"
Weight: 4 lbs.
SKU: 84CD739

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