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Elegant Bathroom Accessory Set - 5-Piece Set of White Onyx

Elegant Bathroom Accessory Set - 5-Piece Set of White Onyx

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This bathroom set brings a uniquely opulent touch to any bathroom.

Experience timeless luxury with this exquisite five-piece white onyx bathroom set from the Atlantic Collection. Expertly crafted with impeccable attention to detail, this beautiful set will add modern sophistication to your bathroom, creating a truly striking and luxurious atmosphere for your bathroom decor.

The set features following bathroom accessories

Toothbrush holder
Soap dish
Liquid soap or Lotion dispenser
Cotton balls holder
Each imbued with a timeless elegance. Unrivalled in quality, 

Each item of this bathroom accessory set set has been carefully crafted and matched as set based on its natural variations.

Weight: 14 lbs.

SKU: 300WO5412349
Onyx and Marble are natural stones and are bound to have variations in color & texture. Hence your purchased item might look different than the ones shown in these pictures.

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