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Decorative Bowl of Multi Brown Onyx - 9 inch Bowl

Decorative Bowl of Multi Brown Onyx - 9 inch Bowl

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Handcrafted and polished to perfection.

This contemporary fruit bowl is fashioned from the exotic Multi Brown Onyx, delicately formed on a lathe and polished to an exquisite sheen.

Bring a timeless elegant and refinement to your home.

This luxurious bowl will be the centerpiece of your kitchen, bringing a timeless and elegant touch of refinement to your home. A decorative piece of art to be treasured for years to come, this bowl is sure to add an eye-catching touch of sophistication to any space.

Size: 9.5 x3"
Weight: 6 lbs. 
Please Note: Onyx and Marble are natural stones and are bound to have variations in color & texture. Hence your purchased item might look different than the ones shown in these pictures.

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