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Bath Accessory Sets - White Marble Bathroom

Bath Accessory Sets - White Marble Bathroom

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Experience the ultimate luxury with our exquisite White Marble Bathroom Accessory Sets. 

Transform your bathroom with our luxuriously handcrafted White Marble Bathroom Accessory Sets. With 6 pieces that have been polished to perfection, these sets will bring a truly elegant and exotic look to any décor scheme. Feel pampered with every wash!

This set of bathroom accessories has it all,

Toothbrush Holder
Soap Dish
Soap & Lotion Dispenser with high quality dispensing pump
Bathroom Hand Towel Holder
Cotton Swabs Holder | bathroom Canister

SKU: 300WZ123479
UPC: 0638029858175
Weight: 28 lb.
Note: Marble is a natural stone with vast variations in color, texture and shades. The pictures shown here are only for references. You actual purchased items are bound to look different from the pictures.
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