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3-Piece Bath Set of Sahara Beige Marble

3-Piece Bath Set of Sahara Beige Marble

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A timeless touch to any bathroom

Gently elevate your bathroom aesthetic with the alluring 3-Piece Bath Set of Sahara Beige Marble. Indulge in the Mediterranean inspired design crafted from ever popular Sahara Beige Marble, perfect for transforming any space into something luxurious and timeless. The Liquid Soap Dispenser has a removable bottle for convenient cleaning and refill, and a superior quality steel pump for long-lasting use. Transform your home or commercial bathroom today.

This 3-Piece Bath Set of Sahara Beige Marble includes one piece each of the following Bahroom Accessories.

  • Sahara Beige Marble Tumbler
  •  Sahara Beige Marble Toothbrush Holder
  • Sahara Beige Marble Liquid Soap / Lotion Dispenser

Weight: 8 lbs. 

SKU: 400SB124

Marble and Onyx being natural stones do have variations. Hence the items will have variations in texture, color and appearance which is considered a normal characteristic of the natural stone.

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