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Angus Glass Bath Set of Antlers Collection - Nature Home Decor

Angus Glass Bath Set of Antlers Collection

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Angus Glass Bathroom Accessory Sets of Antlers Collection

Crafted from high grade of Angus Glass, Nature home Decor offers this 5-Piece Bath Accessory Set in one of its new Antlers Collection.

Each set of glass bath accessory includes one piece each of the following;

  • Tumbler | 3.15x3.5"
  • Toothbrush Holder | 4.5x2x4"
  • Soap Dish | 5.39x3.85x1"
  • Liquid Soap | Lotion Dispenser | 3x5.75" (with metal pump)
  • Canister or Cotton Jar | 4.13x5.30"
Weight: 9.00 lbs
The set is at 20% discount as compared to purchase of individual items price.