How To Completely Renew Your Bathroom Décor

Enhance your bathroom decor on a budget

While we regularly update the décor in our living rooms and bedrooms, our bathroom décor is often neglected - which is a shame as our bathrooms are usually the place in which we begin and end each day.  Many people believe that upscaling a bathroom will clean out their bank accounts and drain away all their free time, but this is, thankfully, not the case - in fact, it’s easier and cheaper than you think.

Begin by addressing the walls

The easiest way to give your bathroom a new lease of life is to overhaul your walls.  Try adding a signature wall to an otherwise white bathroom with a brightly patterned wallpaper for a splash of color. You may think that wallpaper is impractical in a bathroom, but this can actually be a really great option for a wall which isn’t in contact with a bath, shower or sink.  An eye-catching design can completely transform even the smallest of bathrooms and, for added oomph, try adding a matching bathroom set and accessories to create a theme.   For extra impact, try a wallpaper with a bold floral design or, maybe a quirky raw brick pattern for an unusual look which is sure to become a talking point with your guests.  If you’re still not convinced by the idea of wallpaper for a bathroom, large format tiles offer a more workable solution and are now a lot more affordable due to advanced manufacturing processes.

Exploring the world of bathroom accessories

If unable to afford a new bathroom suite, consider replacing taps and fittings with new ones to give the suite a fresh look. Remember to clean or replace tired grouting for the best effect. If interested in a new suite, explore auction sites like eBay for unique and vintage pieces instead of purchasing from a regular home store.

The importance of the Bathroom Floor

For bathroom floor care, consider glossy floor tiles that can match or contrast with your signature wall. These tiles are not only elegant, but also practical and easy to clean. Additionally, they offer great durability.

Elevate Your Bathroom Décor with Stunning Colors and Themes

When updating your bathroom style, don't settle for white - embrace the boldness of a splash of color or a dramatic full color theme to create a bathroom fit for a magazine worthy oasis.  Enhance the experience with luxurious bathroom accessories and conquer the challenge of transforming your space!

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