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Marble Obelisks | Multi Brown Onyx - Nature Home Decor

Marble Obelisks | Multi Brown Onyx

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Multi Brown Onyx 14-inch Tall Obelisk

Handcrafted and polished using high grade of Multi Onyx, this 14 inches tall Obelisk will enhance its surrounds and will be a piece of conversation in its own right.

Swirls and patterns of various shades of dark and light brown with complimenting patches of green onyx, this natural beauty is attractive symbol of power.Decorate your formal living room, family room or office, it is versatile in its use and will enhance its surroundings.

Size; 3.5 x 14"
Weight: 10 lbs
Onyx and Marble are natural stones and are bound to have variations in color & texture. Hence you purchased item might look different than the ones shown in these pictures.