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Nature Home Décor is Offering a New Handwoven Collection

It might be new year, new trends but good taste is timeless! That’s why any homeowner or interior designer will be excited to learn of Nature Home Décor’s latest collection of homewares!


Rainbow Elite Handwoven Collection

This stunning collection has been expertly curated to include one of a kind handwoven goods, ranging from benches to cushions and rugs to ornaments. This attractive range will attract those who love the bohemian home style, modern Scandinavian and Beach Chic. Handwoven textiles are ageless and tactile, bringing depth and dimension to a home.


Handwoven Cushions

Eye-catching throw pillows brighten up beds and sofas and create texture and comfort in any space. From the Indigo Striped Handwoven Pillow Cover, offering a classic pattern, to the very textured and exciting Recycled Denim Pillow Cover, there is something for everyone! Those who prefer grey tones will be interested in the Handwoven Grey Diamond Pillow Cover whilst those looking for more neutral browns will adore the Handwoven Yellow Diamond Pillow Cover.



Whether for the end of the bed, a hallway or to compliment a dining table, you can’t go wrong with a textile bench in your home décor. We adore the fun and interesting pattern of the Handwoven Indigo Striped Ottoman Bench which is eye-catching and well made. The Handwoven Clean Grey Dining Table Bench is more neutral in pattern for those looking for something different, also available in Taupe!


Spacing with the Handwoven Collection

Properly designate areas with our handwoven rugs, available in blue denim and taupe – with stunning attention to detail. Encourage people to settle with high quality throw blankets the Beige Blanket with Tassels and Tie Dye Cotton Throw being most popular. Tidy items away or add plants and greenery that compliment the bohemian look with our stunning Seagrass Rope Decorative Vases.


This stunning collection really does make the best of natural colours and adds a sincere touch to any home. See more home décor for your property at Nature Home Décor.

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