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How To Choose Your First Marble Bathroom Set

A marble bathroom set is an investment which will last a lifetime - and will never go out of fashion.  Marble is durable, versatile and effortlessly elegant but, with so many options available, choosing your first marble set can be a little daunting.  As experts in luxury bathroom accessories, we’ve put together the following guide to help you on your way: 

How to rock a marble bathroom set

Before you start shopping for your first marble bathroom accessories, there are a few things to think about.  For many people, a marble bathroom set is a onetime purchase rather than a fashion item and, so, it’s important to get it right:

Colour set in stone

Marble comes in a variety of colours and shades including subtle whites and creams and more vibrant reds and blacks.  Choosing the colour of your set is an important decision so you need to think about the design and colour scheme of your bathroom and, how often, you intend to change those things.  If your bathroom is mostly white and you intend to keep it that way, you may want to choose a marble bathroom set in a striking colour.  However, if you enjoy updating your bathroom theme regularly then it’s best to opt for a bathroom set in a neutral colour such as our beautiful Sahara Beige Set part of the Atlantic Collection.

Pretty and practical 

The second thing to think about is the functionality of your marble bathroom accessories.  Although marble looks fantastic in a bathroom, it becomes little more than an ornament if it can’t be used.  Before buying luxury bathroom accessories, always ask about practical elements such as cleaning and maintenance.

Face value 

As with so many other things, marble comes in different grades of quality.  For this reason, you should always check out a supplier’s credentials and reviews before purchasing a marble bathroom set to avoid being sold accessories in a poor grade of stone. 

At Nature Home Decor, we are experts in sourcing high quality marble for our stunning bathroom accessories and, this month, you can take advantage of some great cost savings on our unique and beautiful range of marble bathroom sets.

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